Edna Latone is a wife, mother, researcher and people person.  She has been Homeschooling for 20+ years and has lived in the Peterborough Area for 31 years. Edna has worked as a Public Library CEO and Volunteer Coordinator.  Her husband, John is a licenced minister with the PAOC and his day job is delivering car parts (he loves to tinker). They have 2 adult children and 2 children at home. Edna speaks throughout the province to Homeschooler’s about the amazing resources available at Public Libraries. She also is the developer of the “Homeschool Friendly” certification for businesses and community organizations. Edna has a passion for family, flexible learning and community resources. She brings to all she does, her skills as a teacher of children with learning challenges, music skills, librarianship, a passion for Language Arts and History and a love for teaching others about the exciting world of Home Education.

Library Homeschool Program!

We are a few weeks into our Homeschool Library fun at ANPL and what an amazingly productive group we have!

Week one, children and parents participated in a library scavenger hunt and after getting to know each other, they made some plans for the coming weeks!

Week two we dove in on research skills and began a plan for creating meaningful projects for the Norwood Fall Fair.

Stay tuned for week three where we take to the hills and field trip to a family property to learn bushcraft and collect supplies for our Fall Fair creations!

Need more info? Call or text Edna at 705-559-3046 or contact the Asphodel Norwood Public Library ar 705-639-2228.

Be sure to check out their fresh website at http://www.anpl.org!

Public Libraries Rock!

Jumping in!

What is a Mom to do when faced with a boy, sunshine, warm temps and a rope swing?

I say, go for it!

We went to explore this park while waiting for John (Daddy, Biker Pastor and Field Trip Manager) who was at an appointment.

This park has been a special place for our family since the early years of our homeschool journey some 20 years ago. Today we were not disappointed.

A few senior couples were relaxing in the water and on benches. As we walked along the waters edge, we saw this swing and he just had to try it. So shoes off, shirt off, pants rolled up and Go!

Isn’t that just how life is? Sometimes we just need to make sure things are safe and Jump In.

Here’s to all you homeschooling parents who are starting week three of their fall schedule. May you feel organized, may your children be mostly co-operative and may you feel the freedom to enjoy spontaneous moments of memory making fun!

Happy Tomorrow!

Happy Tomorrow!

In Ontario, tomorrow is the “First Day of School” for those attending Public and Catholic Schools.  For us, it is also a “First Day of School” but it looks alot like many other Tuesdays.  Tomorrow we will investigate things that make us curious, continue to develop necessary life skills and be together.  These are the basics that make up our life and our schooling.

Whether you are considering homeschooling or are jumping in with two feet to learn at home this year, we encourage you to do what works for your family.  Remember learning is a life long adventure!  Have a great tomorrow!

Online Conference Time!!!

Conferencing on the VIA

10 years ago I would have told you that you were dreaming if you said I would be returning from a week at Library Conference, sitting on the VIA and participating in Canada’s First Online Homeschool Conference but here I am!

Sounds all fancy, truth is that it has been a stellar week of learning.  It is also equally stunning that I have a huge team of family and friends that made it possible.

For this moment I’m relaxing and enjoying the Online Conference!

I’m assured that everyone is looking forward to my return and daily life awaits.  This Online Homeschool  Conference has some great ideas flowing as I sit down to plan lessons for next week.

Huge thanks to Lisa Marie Fletcher of The Canadian Homeschooler for organizing such an amazing and timely event!

Visit us at http://canadianhomeschoolconference.com/aff/26fb_img_1485748973289

Lines, Angles and Curves Class!


As most of you know I have been homeschooling, tutoring and running daycamps for 20+ years.  Over that time, I have tried many, many curriculum and resources.  Like everyone, I have my favorites and this is one of them.

While  weeding through curriculum, I found it!  I was pretty excited and this was my victory shot!

Fun with Lines and Curves by Elsie C. Ellison is an artful study of measurement and angles.

I will be offering an eight week class following the concepts in this book.  The culminating activity of this class will be an artistic string art wall hanging designed by each student.  This class is appropriate for students 8-18. Parents are invited to drop off their children or visit in our living room during the class.

Students will learn about measurement, angles, protractor skills and colour design.  There will be take home work each week.

Cost $80 per student (family rates available)

January 9- February 27, 2017

1-2 pm

Week 1 – Intro to our tools.  protractor, rulers and the tools of our class.

Week 2- Making Polygons and intro to your final project.

Week 3 – Making stars and step 2 of the project.

Week 4- From straight lines to curves. Final project design draft.

Week 5-Designs From Squares

Week 6- Working with a Circle and final project designs due.

Week 7-Working with colour in your design.

Week 8- Final Project Show, location to be announced.

E-mail today to register at ednashomeschoolhelp@gmail.com