Here is a small sampling of my FAQ’s…

Is it legal? 

Yes, in Ontario The Ontario Education Act states under the following section: Section 21(2)(a) a child is excused from attendance at school if, the child is receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere. Satisfactory instruction is neither defined in the Ontario Education Act nor does it say who should make this determination.

Each Province has their own arrangement for home education.

Are there any other families near me that are Homeschooling?

Chances are there are other families near you that Home Educate…a call to your local Homeschool Support Group can connect you with other families.  There are also many online communities that help to connect Homeschoolers.

What is there to do in the community for Home Educated children?

Throughout Ontario there are Homeschoolers getting together for events and field trips.  Many areas have weekly co-ops (groups that get together and co-operatively teach various subjects). Weekly gym groups are another common organized event.  Other planned events that are often happening in our local area are art lessons, music lessons, recreational skating, swimming, and library get-togethers.  In Peterborough we also have a Spring and Fall, Homeschooler’s Zoo Day which is very well attended by folks from throughout this area of the province!

How do I remove my child from the school system?

As a parent you have the option of providing satisfactory instruction for your child.  If you are removing your child from school you should provide your local school board with a letter of intent to homeschool.  It is a courtesy to send this letter to the child’s principal as well.

Is there support for parents?

Throughout Ontario there are support groups for parents.  Many are connected with the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP) or the Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection (OCHEC).  There are also many groups of parents that are not connected with any organization that get together from time to time to support one another.  As well there are many places online to find support.

Where can I get curriculum?

Curriculum can be purchased in stores, online or by mail.  You may use your local library and other community resources as well.  Your imagination (and your child’s) are the limit!

Can I work and homeschool our children too?

Yes, many Home Educating families are two income families.  One parent usually holds the bulk of the responsibility for the education of the children but some families enjoy a “tag-team” approach.  Alternately, there are many single parents who Homeschool successfully as well. Of course, your children must always have proper supervision. 

What about High School? 

High School age children can continue to be homeschooled.  Many families add co-operative elements to their child’s education in these years such as job placements, teen homeschooling groups and apprenticeships.  You can obtain your high school credits online as well.

What about Post Secondary Education?

Many Canadian and American Universities now have admissions policies for Home Educated children.  Please check individual schools for their specific policies.

Click here for wonderful info about university admissions for homeschoolers!

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