Canadian Homeschool Connections

Find what you are looking for and support a Canadian Homeschooler while learning at home!


I love to help folks with the “how to” part of homeschooling but as far as resources go, this is the beginnings of my homeschooling library or “toolbox” when helping families.

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The Canadian Homeschooler

Lisa Marie Fletcher is the mastermind behind this site that is full of amazing free printables and reasonably priced kits to enhance your learning at home.  CLICK HERE to visit this treasure chest of all things Canadian.


Practical, By Default

Looking for info on starting your homeschool journey, connecting with your kids, finding balance while working too or meal planning (’cause that’s a sanity saving skill)?  Practical, By Default and the wisdom that Jen shares will help you on your way.  CLICK HERE to visit.


The Learning House

Louise and Harold House are a wealth of knowledge and resources.  Louise often shares around Canada about Homeschooling children with Learning Challenges and together they have built an amazing store filled with a broad range of homeschooling resources. Trying to work through a homeschooling educational challenge?  Louise will help you find the resource that you need.  CLICK HERE to visit their “House” of all things homeschool.


Maple Tree Publications

New to homeschooling or interested in exploring the Charlotte Mason method of teaching and resources? You will want to check Cori Dean’s store or the Facebook page at @Homeschooling Under the Maple Tree.


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