Homeschool Co-op Planning!


Build an amazing Homeschool Co-op!

Using the tools that Edna has developed over 20+ years of homeschooling, she will guide you through the process of building an exciting and co-operative program for your children.  So collect your homeschooling community and give Edna a call!

Don’t let her faith based background scare you, Edna is respectful and flexible to meet the needs of your community.


Edna Latone is a wife, mother, music teacher and librarian. She has been Homeschooling for 20 years and has lived in the Peterborough Area for 27 years. Edna works part-time as the Douro-Dummer Public Library CEO and her husband, John is the Assistant Pastor of Kawartha Biker’s Church. They have 2 adult children and 2 children at home. Edna speaks throughout the province to Homeschooler’s about the amazing resources available at Public Libraries. She also is the developer of the “Homeschool Friendly” certification for businesses and community organizations. Edna has a passion for family, flexible learning and community resources. She brings to the  Co-op her skills as a teacher of children with learning challenges, music skills, librarianship, a passion for Language Arts, and a love for teaching practical application of Biblical values.

Milena Weinberg is a wife, mother of 1, OCT certified teacher and outdoor instructor. Milena has been a public school teacher for 7 years, outdoor educator for 4 years and daycare provider for 3 years. Though she has been homeschooling for short period of time, Milena strongly believes that community education provides richness in a child’s education that no institution can provide. Parents are the best advocates for their child. Milena supports her husband Darryl in planting and running Messianic congregations as well as developing their leadership training business. Milena’s passions are community building, math, sciences, outdoor education, leadership and growth mindset as well as Hebraic studies (and chocolate).