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We have a strong online presence that is growing daily and we would love to share more about the service or product that you are offering to Homeschoolers.

Our strongest social media presence is with our Facebook group: Ontario Homeschoolers. This group has over 7.8K members from all over Ontario and grows daily. We can hardly keep up and in fact have a team of moderators to support the crazy busy traffic of this group.

We invite you to advertise in this group as well as our other media outlets. Below is a list of our services and pricing:
Social Media Marketing

  • 1 Facebook mention
  • 1 Twitter mention
  • 1 Pintrest pin
  • 1 Instagram post

$30/ each or $100 for all 4!

Targeted ads in all of our Social Media groups.

Pick them all! Social Media ads in all our locations. E-mail with your ad graphics.


Targeted ad in one of our Social Media platforms.

Your one time ad, added to any one of our Social Media platforms. Weekly and Monthly subscriptions available at a discount. E-mail with your ad graphics.


Additional Media options

Blog review of your product or service (limited spaces available) $40

Video review of your product by a homeschool student $40

Inbox Advertising in our monthly e-blast. $40

Paid reviews or inbox advertising

E-mail with your product sample or copy for our inbox advertising.


Homeschool Connection Package

Includes all of the above services


Homeschool Connection Package

Get word out about your product or service....FAST! E-mail with your ad graphics and copy.


Please feel free to contact Edna via email at for details on payments and scheduling.

Share what you do, with the growing community of Canadian Homeschoolers!

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