Coming in September 2019

  • Friday Homeschool Co-op
  • Tuesday Trippin’ (Local History and Geography)
  • Get Wordy Wednesdays
  • Angles, Lines and Curves Geometry Class
  • Getting Moving Phys. Ed. for Homeschoolers


Friday Homeschool Co-op

Location TBA (Norwood Area)

Classes to include: Bible Memorization, Language Arts, Music, Math skills and other skills as parents join the co-op.  Teens are also welcome to teach.  Come and share your skills!

This will be a full day program that includes outdoors activities rain, shine, snow or sleet….well maybe not sleet but you get the picture. 🙂

Tuesday Trippin’

Tuesdays from 3- 5pm (some field trips may need to be on other days)

Dive deep into local History, Geography and Culture with unique Field Trips that will be fun for the whole family! 

All Units will include an online Handbook.  If you are looking for a Social Studies Program with local flavour, this is it!  Each unit will be 8 weeks in length and include at least one field trip week.  Field trip costs will be included in the cost of the class.  It will be expected that delight driven work is done between class times.  These units are designed to be your Social Studies Units for the year.  Family rates apply.

Unit 1 – Our First Nations -Understanding the people that were here first.

Unit 2 –  The First European settlers – How and why they came to our area and what life was like for them.

Unit 3 – Early Industries of the Area – Factories and Cottage Industries that shaped where we live. (LAPBOOK UNIT)

Unit 4 – Maps, Compass Skills, Mapping skills and Geocaching

Unit 5 – Our land and rivers – Explore the topography of our region and it’s unique features.  This will include a day long hike.

Contact Edna for details on each class

Get Wordy on Wednesdays

Create your own book!

Location: (pending) from 3-5pm

Using the curriculum “Creating Books with Children” by Valerie Bendt we will meet weekly January to June to each create a children’s book beginning to end.  Extra time will be taken on story development and we will be meeting with local authors to discuss their creative process. All students will receive detailed information on e-publishing their book.  Cost for this course includes all materials and outings.

Lines, Angles and Curves Geometry Class 

Ages 6-18.  Creatively learn about protractor use, angles and the artistic use of these tools to create a final project that will wow your family.

Get Moving @ Hastings Field House

Day and times to be announced

Students will be introduced to Personal Fitness while having fun with friends of all ages.  Utilizing the facilities at the Hastings Field House, families will learn together about personal fitness, basketball, soccer, golf driving range, ball hockey, tennis and other ball sports.  This is an “all in” activity for parents too!