For Public Libraries, Businesses and Community Organizations

I also support Public Libraries, businesses and community organizations to reach out to the Home Educating community by offering my “Homeschool Friendly” Certification.

I have developed this program as a veteran Homeschooler and Library CEO.  Libraries are such an amazing place to connect with Homeschoolers as are many similar education and activity based businesses.
Homeschooling is growing exponentially everywhere and Ontario is no exception.
Let’s get you connected!
This training involves a half day of training and Q and A for staff to train them with recent information on the state of homeschooling, resources available, program examples and some of the basic legal information about homeschooling.  I include updated information from an ongoing study that I am facilitating on Homeschoolers and Public Libraries and most importantly, I answer your questions.
My favourite part of the training is the second half of the day or evening where I work with staff and or leaders of the local homeschooling community and lead a workshop where you gather your resources and brainstorm the best way to reach your local groups and meet existing needs.   You can walk away from this workshop with a solid plan. I have found that this looks different in almost every community but there are some wonderful examples to grow upon that we discuss in the morning session.  COVID-19 makes creativity a must and the Homeschool community has certainly become more diverse with many families choosing “school at home”.
It’s important to me that our time together is productive and practical and so I work with you to connect with  local Homeschoolers whether that is the day of, before or after our event through social media or direct connections.  I welcome staff questions beforehand so that I can tailor my presentation to your needs.
I am available both in person and online.
Once at least 3/4 of your staff is trained and all of your staff has been given some basic knowledge (through links to online information that I will send), you will receive permission to place the “Homeschool Friendly” logo on your website and on any promotional literature that you create when interacting with the Homeschool Community.
*In order to remain a “Homeschool Friendly” site and use our logo, we require that all staff complete an online refresher course every 2 years. A complete the full training every 4 years.
We offer:
  • “Homeschool Friendly” Certification (Full Day and Half Day)
  • Website and Programming Consultation to help you reach the Homeschool Community.

E-mail for details and to book your online training today.

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