Review: Fuller Academy

Lately, I’ve been chatting with Les Zulauf from Fuller Academy. Les and his team are excited to reach out to the Homeschooling Community to offer a dynamic program that follows an interdisciplinary, project-based model much like the unit study approach used by many Homeschoolers. Aptly described by Les, Fuller is like Homeschool without the work (for parents :). While that might feel like cheating, what Les is describing is a wonderfully diverse education model without the work of planning and teaching such a program. Perhaps a better description would be Homeschool without the planning and implementation hours, but 🙂 that’s hardly concise.

What a perfect fit for homeschooling and pod parents who are tentative about sending their children back to face-to-face school, or who do not have the time to plan and implement a full Homeschool program!

I love that Fuller is offering online grades 7 & 8 as well as 9 & 10 and that they have a reasonable pricing model.

While some of the lessons are pre-recorded and posted online for future reference, students will have plenty of face-to-face time with teachers, and will also meet their classmates online (or even study together at a home learning pod).

Check out their exciting offer of a free online 1-week collaborative learning experience for grades 7-10:

You are invited to join Fuller Global Academy FREE for their first project unit titled “Build a School”:
Design and plan every aspect of your own school, while learning
the impacts of geography, the relevance of history,
the calculations and analysis we can do using math,
and the writing skills needed to communicate our ideas.

Online * Live * Full-time * Small Classes * Grades 7-10 * Ministry-Aligned Expectations *

Not only could Fuller reach your student at home but due to it’s online nature, your student could complete their school day while spending the day with a trusted friend or family member. How great to do school and still have nurturing adults around you, rather than being home alone. Stay in your social bubble and still get a dynamic education. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Even better, get a group of friends together, form a pod and everyone could attend Fuller and collaborate on projects!

Learn more about Fuller Global Academy and let them answer your questions live at our virtual open house Sunday September 6th at 7:30 pm EST

Fuller Global Academy will open their (virtual) doors for the 2020-21 school year on September 14th. Their interactive project-based online model for Grades 7 through 10 is an affordable alternative if you’re searching for a dynamic and engaging, Ministry-aligned, “learn-at-home” experience for your child.


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