Review: Fuller Academy

Lately, I’ve been chatting with Les Zulauf from Fuller Academy. Les and his team are excited to reach out to the Homeschooling Community to offer a dynamic program that follows an interdisciplinary, project-based model much like the unit study approach used by many Homeschoolers. Aptly described by Les, Fuller is like Homeschool without the workContinue reading “Review: Fuller Academy”

Ontario Homeschool Guidelines Demystified

Chances are if you’ve been hanging around Homeschooling sites, blogs and social media for the past few months, you have heard the ongoing discussion about what “permissions” are required to Homeschool in Ontario. Welcome!!! If you are a new Homeschooling parent and your children previously attended a Public or Catholic school, the school staff mayContinue reading “Ontario Homeschool Guidelines Demystified”

Lines, Angles and Curves Class!

As most of you know I have been homeschooling, tutoring and running daycamps for 20+ years.  Over that time, I have tried many, many curriculum and resources.  Like everyone, I have my favorites and this is one of them. While  weeding through curriculum, I found it!  I was pretty excited and this was my victoryContinue reading “Lines, Angles and Curves Class!”

August 9th, Homeschool Planning Night!

Carve out a little time to plan your coming Homeschool season! This coming Tuesday, August 9th from 5-10 pm. At the Westwood Public Library. Maybe you are just starting your planning, perhaps you are mid-stream and just need some time to put it all in one place or maybe you need to bounce some ideasContinue reading “August 9th, Homeschool Planning Night!”

Birthday Tulips and Spring Promises

My girl knows what her Mama loves, and I love flowers!   I also love connecting with folks as I speak at Home Education Conventions!   Look for my seminars at Home Education Conferences this spring on the topic of How Homeschoolers can get the most out of their Public Library! I will be inContinue reading “Birthday Tulips and Spring Promises”