Happy Tomorrow!

Happy Tomorrow!

In Ontario, tomorrow is the “First Day of School” for those attending Public and Catholic Schools.  For us, it is also a “First Day of School” but it looks alot like many other Tuesdays.  Tomorrow we will investigate things that make us curious, continue to develop necessary life skills and be together.  These are the basics that make up our life and our schooling.

Whether you are considering homeschooling or are jumping in with two feet to learn at home this year, we encourage you to do what works for your family.  Remember learning is a life long adventure!  Have a great tomorrow!

And so the adventure begins…

Ah, planning night!

There’s nothing like a little pre-planning shopping to get you excited.  Admittedly, I have a bit of a paper addiction.  Journals, sticky notes, and fancy papers just get me all excited about the coming season of schooling!

I found this beauty of an agenda today!

And So The Adventure Begins

and these lovely sticky notes…

sticky notes

So tonight as I collected my resources both online and hard copy…I went a little crazy with the notes and got down to the nitty gritty of what is happening when and where.

As most of you know, I also work part-time as a rural Library CEO so planning is especially essential for my sanity and a semblance of order.  As you also know-I love to help you all with your homeschooling plans and dilemmas so again….more planning.


For those needing an extra brain to help with the planning (two brains are better than one) I’m offering one hour planning sessions on Monday August 15th for only $20! Book today, spaces will fill up fast.  In person or online sessions are available!

Happy Planning!