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COVID-schooling and ponderings on life in isolation.

Well, my friends, here we are in the middle of a pandemic and everyone is in isolation.  We are working and educating in family units, at home.  Is this what homeschooling usually looks like?  Nope, not at all.  We are unhappy as well about not hanging out with friends, playing sports and freely wandering theContinue reading “COVID-schooling and ponderings on life in isolation.”

Happy Tomorrow!

In Ontario, tomorrow is the “First Day of School” for those attending Public and Catholic Schools.  For us, it is also a “First Day of School” but it looks alot like many other Tuesdays.  Tomorrow we will investigate things that make us curious, continue to develop necessary life skills and be together.  These are theContinue reading “Happy Tomorrow!”

And so the adventure begins…

Ah, planning night! There’s nothing like a little pre-planning shopping to get you excited.  Admittedly, I have a bit of a paper addiction.  Journals, sticky notes, and fancy papers just get me all excited about the coming season of schooling! I found this beauty of an agenda today! and these lovely sticky notes… So tonightContinue reading “And so the adventure begins…”