Birthday Tulips and Spring Promises

My girl knows what her Mama loves, and I love flowers!   I also love connecting with folks as I speak at Home Education Conventions!   Look for my seminars at Home Education Conferences this spring on the topic of How Homeschoolers can get the most out of their Public Library! I will be inContinue reading “Birthday Tulips and Spring Promises”

Bedtime Stories-audiobook library style

Bedtime Stories-audiobook library style Tonight’s bedtime story is Alice in Wonderland from Tumble Book Cloud Jr.audiobooks.  Gideon loves having an audiobook bedtime story from time to time and when I have had a busy day, I love to listen too.  I especially love classics like this (I’m listening right now) and my need to doContinue reading “Bedtime Stories-audiobook library style”

Counting the days…

Looking for the Libraries and Homeschooling survey? Look no further…just click here. At the end of January I will be heading to the Ontario Library Association’s SuperConference. After 5 short years working as a librarian I am both humbled and excited to be offered this opportunity to speak up for the homeschooling community. You canContinue reading “Counting the days…”

Drum Roll Please…

It’s ready! Our survey for homeschoolers regarding Public Libraries is complete. Share, send, help us get the word out so that we can tell the Librarians of Ontario what Home Educator’s want from their Public Libraries. On Jan 30, 2013 Kristina Huddy and I will be speaking to Ontario’s Librarians at the Ontario Library Association’sContinue reading “Drum Roll Please…”

Socially Speaking…

Socialization?  This is probably the most asked about topic as people explore the question of homeschooling.  More from concerned grandparents than parents seeking out homeschool options but none the less a question that we are asked to answer all too frequently.  HSLDA has an article on socialization that gives a basic overview. After 16 plusContinue reading “Socially Speaking…”