Jumping in!

What is a Mom to do when faced with a boy, sunshine, warm temps and a rope swing?

I say, go for it!

We went to explore this park while waiting for John (Daddy, Biker Pastor and Field Trip Manager) who was at an appointment.

This park has been a special place for our family since the early years of our homeschool journey some 20 years ago. Today we were not disappointed.

A few senior couples were relaxing in the water and on benches. As we walked along the waters edge, we saw this swing and he just had to try it. So shoes off, shirt off, pants rolled up and Go!

Isn’t that just how life is? Sometimes we just need to make sure things are safe and Jump In.

Here’s to all you homeschooling parents who are starting week three of their fall schedule. May you feel organized, may your children be mostly co-operative and may you feel the freedom to enjoy spontaneous moments of memory making fun!


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