And it begins…

Well, we are one week before the official school year in Ontario begins and I have the joy of helping  new families into the world of homeschooling.  Odd thing is that I’m not part of the homeschooling crowd this year.  A year off?  Well, I never thought I’d do it but I am.  So as I head into this year I wish to remind other homeschoolers that they have a librarian and homeschool resource woman at the other end of an e-mail message.  I’m here to help and perhaps I have a little more time to give to you.

Pray for us as we walk this road and we will pray for you.

This year, we homeschool vicariously through you and you can watch as this family of homeschoolers immerse themselves in the Catholic school system here in Ontario, graduate one young man out of the Public High School system and  send one young woman to college while supporting her and her amazing fiance to plan a wedding!  We will be busy and I know you will be too!







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2 thoughts on “And it begins…

  1. A year off and only learning through life and others? Welcome to unschooling! You will be amazed not just how much you learn still, but how much more! You may NEVER want to go back! Own it and do it! =)


    1. Vickie,
      Actually and strangely our children are in the Ontario Catholic School system. Can’t hardly believe it. It is a very small rural school, right next to my workplace as a rural librarian. We have unschooled in the past and loved it. Right now we are taking a year off of homeschooling. Weird but true. I am still consulting for the homeschooling community and having a blast working as a librarian with an actual book budget.


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