My Public Library, a Home Educator’s perspective…



I love Public Libraries, they have been my secret quiet space as a child and as a young adult.  (I love the reassuring smell of rows and rows of books!) As a Home Educating Mom they were my best resource for not only educational materials but community resources and space to connect with others.  Now as a Library CEO I want to share all that Public Libraries can be for the Home Educating Community. So, whether you “school at home”, “unschool” or something in between, I want to know your library’s best assets are.  I also want to know what you wish your library offered.

I invite you to share a little of your experience by completing the following survey.  It just takes about 5 minutes!

Click here for survey

During the spring of 2016 I will be sharing my research and answering your most pressing library questions at KWCHEA and RVCHEA.

Together we can grow the bond between Public Libraries and Home Educators!



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