For Homeschool Groups and Conventions

Transitions To, From and During YOUR  Homeschool Life

Do you struggle with where to begin and what path to take on your Homeschool journey? Join Homeschool Help staff as they guide you through the practical steps of transitioning your children in and out of homeschooling. With a step by step approach and checklists to keep you on track, you will walk away from this session with tools to plot a path that is unique to your family.

Inspiring Learning at Your Public Library

Take a look at Public Library Services and Resources from the eyes of a veteran Homeschooler and Library CEO.  Learn how to use these services to your best advantage and utilize all that Public Libraries have to offer.

Inspiring Family Beyond the Homeschooling Years

Are you nearing the end of your home education years?  Is your family transitioning to other modes of education?  Learn how to maintain family unity and grow into the next stage in life.  I share practical insights into managing this transition with grace and how the homeschool community can support and utilize the skills of seasoned home educators.

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