Jumping off

Jumping off

My amazing Nathanael! Unafraid of the things that terrify me and terrified of the things I do without thinking twice.

In the media…

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Libraries have lost the funding for their Public Computers.  I felt compelled to share this with the press since for many small rural libraries, this is core funding.  Those who use the public computers do so because they do not have access at home for one reason or another.  Public Internet Access (which includes computers) is really a basic service.


Public Libraries and e-resources: Part 1

Ok friends, this is part one of a series (not sure how many in the series) of posts about the e-resources that Canadian and in particular, Ontario Public Libraries, offer to their patrons. “What is an e-resource?”, many people ask.  Well, here is my non-librarian response…”e-resources are online resources that are bought by your libraryContinue reading “Public Libraries and e-resources: Part 1”

KWCHEC Convention musings

Saturday we attended the KWCHEC Conference.  It was so good to see old friends and make a few new ones!  I had the privilege of speaking in one of the sessions about how Homeschoolers can best use their libraries.  My power point is available by e-mailing me at ednashomeschoolhelp@hotmail.com.  Not only was I able toContinue reading “KWCHEC Convention musings”