Counting the days…

TPhoto_00027Looking for the Libraries and Homeschooling survey? Look no further…just click here.

At the end of January I will be heading to the Ontario Library Association’s SuperConference. After 5 short years working as a librarian I am both humbled and excited to be offered this opportunity to speak up for the homeschooling community. You can check out the conference here . Those of you who are “Friends” of your local library (go! ask your librarian now!) should seriously think about attending on Thursday (Friends day) for the reduced rate of $40. There are some amazing speakers and best of all a trade expo full of books. Many authors are giving away books and signing them on site! Yes, I know you will miss our talk on Friday but you will learn so much about libraries and get some great free books! You might even be tempted to apply to be on your local library board or volunteer at the library!

Yes, I know I’m crazy passionate about libraries but,apparently, I’ve been this way for some time.

Stay posted for more of my craziness after conference as I launch into some new and hair-raising schemes for sharing homeschooling with the world around me and supporting homeschoolers in new and creative ways!


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