Happy Tomorrow!

Happy Tomorrow!

In Ontario, tomorrow is the “First Day of School” for those attending Public and Catholic Schools.  For us, it is also a “First Day of School” but it looks alot like many other Tuesdays.  Tomorrow we will investigate things that make us curious, continue to develop necessary life skills and be together.  These are the basics that make up our life and our schooling.

Whether you are considering homeschooling or are jumping in with two feet to learn at home this year, we encourage you to do what works for your family.  Remember learning is a life long adventure!  Have a great tomorrow!

Bedtime Stories-audiobook library style

Bedtime Stories-audiobook library style

Tonight’s bedtime story is Alice in Wonderland from Tumble Book Cloud Jr.audiobooks.  Gideon loves having an audiobook bedtime story from time to time and when I have had a busy day, I love to listen too.  I especially love classics like this (I’m listening right now) and my need to do two things at once can be satisfied while I listen with Gideon and send you this note.  Tumble Book Cloud Jr. is one of the many resources that are part of the Tier 1 e-resources funded by the Ontario government for small Ontario Public Libraries.  If you live in a larger center, you probably have Tumble Book Cloud Jr. or something similar to it, included in the online resources offered on your Public Library’s e-resources.  Tumble Book Cloud Jr. (no they are not paying me to say this) is part of a suite of products that are created by a Canadian Company Tumbleweed.  Feel free to browse their selection through the window of our library at http://www.dourodummer.on.ca/library/eResources.php or visit your own Public Library and see what is offered.  Some elements offered by Tumbleweed have lesson plans included and there are both children’s and adult offerings.