Lines, Angles and Curves Class!


As most of you know I have been homeschooling, tutoring and running daycamps for 20+ years.  Over that time, I have tried many, many curriculum and resources.  Like everyone, I have my favorites and this is one of them.

While  weeding through curriculum, I found it!  I was pretty excited and this was my victory shot!

Fun with Lines and Curves by Elsie C. Ellison is an artful study of measurement and angles.

I will be offering an eight week class following the concepts in this book.  The culminating activity of this class will be an artistic string art wall hanging designed by each student.  This class is appropriate for students 8-18. Parents are invited to drop off their children or visit in our living room during the class.

Students will learn about measurement, angles, protractor skills and colour design.  There will be take home work each week.

Cost $80 per student (family rates available)

January 9- February 27, 2017

1-2 pm

Week 1 – Intro to our tools.  protractor, rulers and the tools of our class.

Week 2- Making Polygons and intro to your final project.

Week 3 – Making stars and step 2 of the project.

Week 4- From straight lines to curves. Final project design draft.

Week 5-Designs From Squares

Week 6- Working with a Circle and final project designs due.

Week 7-Working with colour in your design.

Week 8- Final Project Show, location to be announced.

E-mail today to register at


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One thought on “Lines, Angles and Curves Class!

  1. Lines, Angles and Curves Class details:
    Monday, 1-2pm
    What to bring: pencil, sharpener, ruler and protractor.
    Where: 29 Queen ST. Norwood, Ontario
    Payment for class can be cash, cheque or online payment.
    Looking forward to seeing you!


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